Friday, October 21, 2011

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: Why so much hype?

With November rolling around, as does the release of Nintendo's latest Zelda game, Skyward Sword. Naturally, there is loads of excitement purely because it's a Zelda game.

But while I myself plan to pick up the game on release for that very reason, I can't quite determine why there is such a level of hype. Okay, it's a Zelda game, but what makes it exciting beyond that?


Some say it's the motion controls with Wii Motion Plus that's the big thing here. How is this exciting though? Twilight Princes gave us waggle motion controls with pointer aiming, so it's nothing really new. It's a minor technical upgrade. Some argue it's all the puzzles that involve specific sword swings.


Technically speaking, these puzzles could have been done as far back as OOT. Swinging your sword differently has always been incorporated in 3D Zeldas, it's just now being acknowledged, and is it just me, or does the swordplay look incredibly stiff as a result of the motion controls?


I also have a concern that the game is going to be so focused on Motion Plus "Minigames" that it feels more like Mario Party then it does a real adventure.


And I've had this concern before Jeff Gerstmann said

"But the last time I played it, it felt less like an action-adventure game and more like a hastily slapped together set of Wii MotionPlus tech demos. I assume it's a real game now."

And I can't even stand this guy!

Other than that, what else is there really? The environment seems like an interesting concept, and I'm glad they're trying something slightly different with the storyline...even if it's a DeviantArt dream come true with a Link/Zelda Romance.


But beyond that, nothing shown has really been interesting. The trailers have all been mostly uninspired gameplay montages with a really weak musical pump. Where's that sensation we got with the incredible works of art that were the Twilight Princess trailers? Say what you will about Twilight Princess as a game, but the trailers were pure hype.


A lot of people like to argue

"Well! Twilight Princess showed stuff that wasn't in the game! I'd rather see stuff actually in the game then just get hype!"

You guys do realize that stuff is going to get cut either way...right? This is kind of irrelevant.

Even the new items, and abilities are underwhelming. In fact, most if not all are rehashes!

Rolling Bombs- a poor man's Bombchu (OOT)
Beetle - a poor man's Seagull (Windwaker) that drops bombs (Tingle Tuner)
Bug Catching Net - LTTP
Double Clawshot - (TP)
Harp - New Instrument, Same concept.
Gust Bellow - Gust Jar (Minish Cap)
Mogma Mitts - Mole Mitts (Minish Cap)
Whip - (Spirit Tracks)

Once again, say what you will about Twilight Princess, but how awesome were the Spinner and the Ball and Chain. Completely new items that were actually really cool.

Pun Intended

I'm not saying this game is going to be bad nor am I hating it. Like I said, I'll be buying it on release purely because it's a new Zelda game. I'm just wondering why there's this extreme level of excitement when everything presented that far just feels....ehhh. Is it just because it's a new Zelda game? Is that all it takes now? Cause I'm sorry gang, but I just can't get excited about sprinting.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised, I really do. I just have a feeling this is gonna be the Twilight Princess reaction all over again, but worse. The fans hype up a game completely unreasonably to meet their wildest dreams and then hate it when it fails to deliver. Twilight Princess actually had some really amazing things to support the hype. Skyward Sword doesn't seem like it does.....but only time will tell.

Either way, it's a Zelda game.


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  1. Is that in the first TP picture an army behind link, or are they trees? >_>