Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3: Capcom isn't ripping you off!

Now, for most, this blog post can be summarized in one image

He was once considered a long shot who could never be in a fighting game because he's just a "stupid toony lawyer". But the Phoenix Wright fans organized and made their voices heard.

With the help of guys like the fine gentlemen at Phoenix Wright for MVC3! (Also at Hold it! Hear it!) Capcom heard the pleas of their fans and made wild dreams come true!

Same can't be said for the MegaMan fans. Sorry guys :(

Now, if you're not already screaming "TAKE MY MONEY CAPCOM!" (Seriously? That's not enough?) perhaps you need a dose of the critical thinking we love to encourage on this blog.

Many criticize Ultimate MVC3 for being so closely released behind the Vanilla version of MVC3. Some feel that it's just a simple add-on that doesn't warrant a whole new disc and that it would have been better implemented as a downloadable update.

As far as timing goes, I'm upset it's not releasing sooner! Maximillian, the creator of the the "Assist Me" series and a Nicholas Cage clone has gotten an early copy, and I couldn't be more jealous.

Yeah... keep laughing... with your adorable dog...

The downloadable content argument is sensible. Maybe Phoenix Wright is the only character you want, and it benefits you to only pay $5 instead of $40.

But have you not seen the 12 new characters? I mean, sure, there's some Marvel faces that nobody was really requesting, but Capcom's side alone has hit it out of the park! Phoenix Wright? Strider Hiryu? Frank West? Vergil? NEMESIS?


Now sure, it might benefit those who want to pick and choose, but what about those who want to soak up all this delicious content? Jill and Shuma Gorath came at 5 bucks a pop, and doing that for all 12 characters, is a full $60 price tag.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is only $40, and not only do you get more characters at that price, you get

- More moves and balancing for the entire cast
- More stages
- Spectator Mode and better online functionality
- A sexy Character Select Screen

- And some very intriguing new modes.

Not only do we get a mode where we can play as freaking Galactus (Seriously? what?!) but the Heroes and Heralds mode alone is a new mode that offers a ton of new ways to play and endless replayability for fans of Marvel. Cards offering abilities ranging from invisibility, invincibility, the ability to parry, and many more completely change the way you play.

100 cards, 50 characters, 3 cards per character, Endless Possibilities. Suck on that Angry Joe

The other argument against separate DLC is that having everything conglomerated into one package makes things easier for the competitive community. No worrying if every console at every tournament has every individual character downloaded.

This is where some would say a DLC package would have worked. I contend that, a DLC package wouldn't necessarily be cheaper, and not only that, it doesn't give you the option to sell your original MvC3 disk. (Plus, wouldn't you prefer to pay $40 for something tangible than to worry about your content riding the waves of the future?)

With Ultimate being released as a completely new game, we can sell Vanilla MvC3, which chops off roughly half the price of Ultimate as it is. I got about $20, making my purchase of all this new content the equivalent of 4 individual DLC characters. Starting to see the deal we got cut?

If you weren't going to buy new content, you weren't going to buy it anyways, and if you hate MvC3, you probably will still hate Ultimate.

If you didn't buy MvC3 and want it, this is a must buy no questions asked, and if you are a Vanilla owner, you can sell the game and embrace this glorious upgrade for a reduced price.

Or just buy it and don't care. Honestly, Phoenix Wright is enough to warrant this:

Here I'll make it easy for you!



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  2. It's all about She-Hulk man. Got a thing for burly tall green women.

  3. I will not buy UMvC3 and support Capcom after they've ****ed with Mega Man and his huuugggee fan base. I was disappointed at Mega Man wasn't in this game and it wasn't until I found out about the Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation that fuelled my hatred towards capcom. Combine that with the fact that I was p***ed off because I couldn't download Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath on release day (I bought the special edition) further added to the flames of hatred. BTW, I'm not a fan of the Mega Man Legends games as I've never played them, but still, my heart goes out to all those people who are defiantly pressuring capcom to resume production of Mega Man Legends 3.

    Angry Joe and many other ranters commenting on the Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 announcement
    have opened my eyes for the first time about the true nature of Capcom. After reading further articles about the game and their trolling of certain characters, I beginning to realize that maybe UMvC3 isn't worth my money.

    As for all that talk about how the Japanese tsunami disaster affected original DLC plans for the original game, that's partially reasonable. But my complaint is that they should've just waited a little bit to resume the original plans instead of just release new stuff on a separate disc. I'd rather have the original planned dlc characters that what this game is offering (even though I'll admit some of the characters are cool like Ghost Rider, Nova, Hawkeye and Nemesis). Here's what the original DLC character lineup was (according to the Julian Assange of fighting games information, Lupinko):

    Marvel: Doctor Octopus, Thanos, Apocalypse, Iceman, Ms. Marvel, Elektra & Juggernaut
    Capcom: Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Gene, Jon Talbain, Strider Hiryu, Gail & F***ING MEGA MAN X!!!!!

    I'd rather have the original DLC plans than what UMvC3 is offering for new characters. The new cast seems like a sausage-fest if you know what I mean.

    I'd rather have Mega Man X, Venom, Vanessa Schneider (the female protagonist from P.N 03 for the gamecube (check out the videos sometime. She would make a very unique addition to the game), Psylocke & Black Widow as DLC characters.

    And newer modes like the ones for UMvC3 including Spectator Mode could've easily be made available as DLC for the original game. Waste of money to me.

    I'd rather have Capcom stick to the original plan than rerelease a new game with less content and characters that nobody wants like Firebrand.

    On the same subject, Mega Man X WAS the number 1 requested character for DLC characters on the Capcom side. Why would Capcom make some BS excuse to not include him in the game? Sounds like a conspiracy to me, especially since Keiji Inafune left Capcom last year. I'm willing to go off the record and say Capcom has a secret grudge against Inafune for leaving or something.

    Final words: I've bought the special edition of MvC3 and despite my complaints about the bonus content, I really enjoyed the game. Having played Tatsunoko vs Capcom prior to this game, I really liked this more than MvC2. The controls for that game were okay, but I could never get into it and be a pro at it. And the characters for MvC3 were cool choices. Despite Mega Man X not in the original game, I'm also a huge fan of Zero. So I'll let that slide.

    As for UMvC3, I do have to say this: If you've owned the original game and you're just as much as angry as I am about this so-called upgrade, do yourselves a favour and stick with the original. Boycott the game and DO NOT BUY UMVC3 WHEN IT COMES OUT. SEND CAPCOM A CLEAR MESSAGE THAT WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE! Or if you feel like you must buy it for any reason, do what I'll inevitably do and BUY IT USED. It'll be sending a big f**k you to Capcom for trolling with their fan base and ripping us off.

    That's all I have to say.

  4. I should also point out that I wasn't expecting Capcom to release an upgrade to MvC3 on disc. Guess I didn't see that coming...

  5. WTF!? Did you delete my post?

    Truth f***ing hurts, huh?

  6. Not at all! It just got marked as Spam and I had to let it get through.

    I know Mega Man was a huge issue, but that was something out of control of the MVC team. They obviously would have put him in if they could, but corporate Capcom has their reasons. Some get offended by their trolling, but come on, it's just harmless joking. Don't get emotionally attached!

    All companies are in this to make money, Capcom included. But what most fail to realize (As does the jumping to conclusion tendencies of Angry Joe) is that there's quite a bit packaged in Ultimate for a solid price. I've outlined this above.

    People like Angry Joe don't really understand the fighting game community. They complain about a now non-existent lack of modes instead of focusing on the things that the community really cares about.

    For people that actually appreciate these types of games, (the fact that a game like Marvel VS Cacpom 3 can even exist is amazing in itself) they are hyped for Ultimate and rightfully so. There's a lot of awesome stuff and new techs to look forward to that will only make the game better.

  7. I'm the guy who made that huge comment earlier.

    Sorry about that. Guess I should wait 10 minutes before checking the website, huh? Maybe I overreacted there a little bit...

    Anyways, Mega Man is my overall favourite video game character of all time. And I'm sure you understand my concerns about him not being in this game and a lot of other reasons.

    But after hearing lots of people complaining about UMvC and Capcom, I don't know what to do... I can't sell my special edition of the game, but some of the new characters in UMvC3 are interesting. But I just cannot buy this game after hearing about these rants. If Capcom reconsiders not putting certain characters in the game and releases them as DLC, perhaps I'll buy it. In the meantime, I stand by my views.

    P.S. No Mega Man = No UMvC3 purchase by me!

  8. Yeah it's understandable for why you'd be upset. Mega Man not being in is still a weird one.Hopefully he'll be added as DLC at some point.

    Honestly though, I feel like the MVC team did do what they were capable of doing in terms of fan demand. I mean most of the Capcom side comes directly from fan requests.

    I haven't really seen a rant that's really justified. You can't really blame Capcom for wanting to turn a profit. But beyond that, what they're offering is definitely worth more than what they're charging for it. Especially considering you can get it for $30 at Newegg.

    What's the reason you can't sell your Special Edition by the way?

  9. Just like what I did when Super Street Fighter IV came out: Sell my original SFIV game. Good thing I didn't buy the SE of that game.

    The SE of MvC3 is not for resale. That's why.

  10. You can do what I did...I got a nice quality image of the Standard Edition Boxart, an Empty PS3 case and sold it as a Standard Edition ;p and I got to keep my special tin case too!

  11. Wow... You really are a fool for believing that this game is worth the money.

  12. In what way?

    1. I got more than my moneys worth out of Vanilla.
    2. I would've gotten at least $40 worth of the new characters as individual DLC anyways
    3. Better online capabilities, Specator Mode and Heroes and Hearalds will make it even better
    4. I sold Vanilla and I'm only paying $20 for it.

    So in what way am I fool for thinking it's worth my money?

  13. Capcom is f***ing over its fanbase and owners of the original game with this upgrade. They should've just released this as DLC so that we don't have to buy another game. Or even better: release this game as both a retail disc and DLC so that the original owners don't have to buy it again!

    It worked perfectly with SSFIV Arcade Edition, so why not UMvC3?

    Capcom obviously isn't thinking clearly these days...