Thursday, October 20, 2011

Super Smash Bros Wii U: Meet the Fans

The newest Smash Bros game will be a topic of heated discussion on this blog as we learn more about it. Until that point though, we'll be talking about all the crazy speculation, and insanity that surrounds this series and its community.

Today, we begin with the fans of the Smash Bros. series.

This is truth. I don't know if it's actually little children on GameFAQs SSB Wii U board, but they definitely act like it.

Whether it be the ridiculous character suggestions, complete misinformation, and supreme stubbornness, most of the people on this board at the absolute least have the mentality of children.

This is what people want, and expect!

When it comes to Character Suggestions, I'm very critical. I'm known as a villain because I tell people that characters won't get in, but the fact of the matter is, I have a track record to back me up. There are certain characters who fit the mold and make sense, while most others simply don't cut it.

Not only did I correctly reason out the exact number of boxes on the character select screen, but every character I said who would not be in, didn't make the cut. The only character that proved me wrong was Pokemon Trainer, and that's because he came in a form that wasn't what was being discussed.

You jerk...

Characters like Diddy Kong, Olimar, King Dedede, Ike, Sonic and Lucario were choices I said made sense.

Guys like Ridley, Bowser Jr, Toad, and...Diskun just don't make any sense.

Diskun? Really?

While we'll spend more time on specific choices later, (Especially Ridley. Lot of ground to cover there) my point is that people will vehemently defend these character. Some, (Ridley fans in particular) have an emotional attachment to their lovable All-Stars and will burn any nay-Sayer at the stake.

Aww he's so cute!

They won't listen to reason or logic. They just want their character in the game no matter what the cost. They don't see things from the developers point of view, nor the corporate point of view. Obviously fan requests are important, but it has to coincide with reality.

Being stubborn is just immature. It's one thing to want a character but realize it's not feasible, (Like my love for Geno) but it's another thing to want a character so much that you ignore logic and sensibilities so you can live in your happy bubble with Bubbles from Clu Clu Land.

...No. She won't be playable either.

Just accept that it might not be feasible. You're less disappointed if it doesn't work out and you're more excited if it does.

The last thing I want to address is the sheer amount of misinformation. Particularly about this guy:

Masahiro Sakurai is going to be a special guest on my blog. I know him personally. We chat on twitter, he sends me pictures of his cat.

But if you went to GameFAQs you'd think this guy was the spawn of Satan who doesn't care about anything and just wants to turn a profit. Not only that but people will attribute quotes and make up intentions that NEVER existed.

Sakurai said Broom Hatter was in the final build but was cut due to time constants!

All I can really do is laugh at these. Come on guys check your facts! Sakurai never said he was purposely trolling the competitive community or that his cat was being considered as a playable character. (Although that wouldn't surprise me)

In fact, the things Sakurai actually says like "I think Ridley would be pretty impossible" are completely ignored.

They're still talking about Ridley?

For now, I want to leave you guys with a message. Don't take this so seriously. We all love Smash Bros. Don't get emotionally attached to characters beyond reason. And if you want to make up facts...honestly...keep doing that cause it's pretty entertaining.

For now, I depart. But stay tuned to Critical Hit, because our next Smash Bros blog post will feature the one and only Masahiro Sakurai!


  1. Great post. Hopefully this will be an eye-opener to those who complain about the series.

  2. The respect I had for you in the Meet Sakurai post was lost with this one.

    Again with the gross overexaggerations and acting like you're high and mighty. You wouldn't know logic if it bit you in the ass.

    Also, you yourself are stubborn and you don't listen to reason or logic, which makes you a hypocrite.

    You know how I said I wanted to continue discussion on what I said in the Ridley blog? I changed my mind. Clearly I'd be given bullshit as if it was fact.

  3. Ridley can bite it.

    Metroid sucks.