Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome Critters!

That's right! My first blog post and I'm already forcing a pet name on my currently non-existent readers.

Welcome to Critical Hit! (It's Super Effective!)
A blog combining the sweet sweet blend of Politics and Video Games.

What did he just say? Yeah. That's right Critters. (If I say it enough it will stick)

My political opinions can't be confined to Facebook comments and my video game rants can't be confined to the stubborn 12 year old on GameFAQs. Although, in both, I write several well thought out paragraphs that nobody reads.

Now however, I can write all these on my blog, which nobody will read those either.

Critical thinkers, and nerds alike, I welcome you! Feel free to share your thoughts. I may have strong opinions but I am open-minded. That's something I strongly encourage here. Always hear people out, especially those you disagree with.

Even if you hate my guts, and think I'm an arrogant jerk, (Spoiler: This will happen to some) then I'd like to know why. You might be right! Just prove why. My opinions aren't necessarily written in stone.

I think we're gonna have some fun times here. What are we waiting for? Let's get started!


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